Sunday, July 5

frank sinatra - myway lyrics

and n0w the end is near ; n s0 i face the final curtain
my friend, i'll say it clear,
i'll state my case, 0f which i'm certain
i'v lived a life thats full
i'v travelled each and every highway
and m0re, much m0re than this, i did it my way
regrets, i had a few;
but then again, t00 few t0 menti0n
i did what i had t0 d0 and saw it thr0ugh with0ut exempti0n
i planned each charted c0urse; each careful step al0ng the byway,
and m0re, much m0re than this,
i did it my way
yes, there were times, i'm sure u knew
when i bit off more than i c0uld chew
but thr0ugh it all, when there was d0ubt,
i ate it up and spit it 0ut
i faced it all n i st00d tall; n did it my way
i've l0ved, i've laughed n cried
i've had my fill; my share 0f l0sing
n n0w as tears subside, i find it all s0 amusing
t0 think i did all that; n may i say - n0t in a shy way
"0h n0, 0h n0 n0t me i did it my way"
f0r what is a man, what has he g0t?
if n0t himself, then he has naught
t0 say the things he truly feels; n n0t the w0rds of 0ne wh0 kneels
the rec0rd sh0ws i t00k the bl0ws n did it my way
yes.. it was my way...

*my way by frank sinatra

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