Thursday, December 3


susah kalau dah addicted ni, xkira la t0wards other pe0ple 0r things... its oke if u addicted t0 s0mething g00d, but its a bad thing if u happened t0 addicted with s0mething that u n0t supp0se t0
th0se wh0 addicted t0 s0me0ne's l0ve just st0p. it wasting ur time. useless. or if u still eager t0 wait f0r the l0ve, just at least leave the pers0n al0ne. stay away. just stay away. d0nt d0 s0mething stupid. just wait... just... that
and Y0U. yes. i'm talking b0ut Y0U. ST0P addicted t0 s0mething that Y0U already kn0w the risk. n0, its n0t ab0ut the risk. i kn0w Y0U l0ved being in the w0rld full of risk. st0p addicted t0 s0mething that u already get thr0ugh n0t just 0nce 0r twice, but t00 many times. ST0P ADDICTED 0n d0ing THAT THING. just st0p... just... that
i think after all, well after few years has past... everything changed... just let it g0... just that...

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